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"Beth's music is beneficial for children because the tunes are easy to learn. The lyrics are fun and teach children about different subjects or cultures."
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Coloring Pages

So many of Beth's songs teach valuable character traits. Below are a series of PDF downloadable coloring pages that are sure to brighten your child's day.

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These pages were created to accompany some of Beth's music that is currently available on cassette tape. To order these cassettes, contact Beth at for more information.

Songs on Cassette
" If Ever I Am President" addresses the issue of integrity and courage.

" Five More Minutes" deals with self-discipline.

" Dreams Never Die" encourages living out one's dreams.

" The Telephone Song" drives home the importance of telephone manners.

The unique gift of Beth's music allows children to learn while enjoying the art of singing. For instance, classroom instruction is reinforced through interaction in "A E I O U and Sometimes Y" (vowels) and "Square Bear" (shapes).

Social skills, discipline, and conflict resolution are addressed through "Be Ye Kind." Concepts in science are taught in songs like "Crocodile Tears," "P-P-P-Penguins" and "Grandpa's Creek."

A light-hearted lesson in health comes from "Eat 'Em Up."


Music For Kids
Let's Be Friends - Beth Frack
Let’s Be Friends
These songs will add a bright spot to even the cloudiest day. Playing in the Dirt, Be Ye Kind, and more.
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Seasonings- Beth Frack
Music designed to tickle your child’s imagination and plant seeds of wisdom that last a lifetime. Includes Jungle Fever, Santa, Springtime, and fourteen more!
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